Unlocking Hope

Inspire Empathy. Support Dementia Caregivers. Empower the Community

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reTHINK Dementia Happy Hour(s)

Expo Table Sponsor

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Inspiring Empathetic Care

Quality Time

With a life altering diagnosis, quality time becomes front and center. Help us provide this gift to dementia families.

Community Support

Erase the stigma with an empathy centered immersive education. Empower the community SURROUNDING the dementia family to walk in their shoes, understand and STEP IN.

Caregiver Relief

80% of those diagnosed with dementia live at home placing full responsibility on the family. Help us deliver direct relief, resources and HOPE.

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Let's work together... For Their Thoughts ♥

Immersive Education Testimonials


Home Health Care Professional

“We have only “heard” of the obstacles people with dementia face on a daily basis but to have been given the opportunity to see the world through their eyes with this hands on training was a game changer! I now have a better understanding and will be applying what I learned when working with dementia clients.”


Dementia Family Member

"I now have more compassion and a better relationship with my dad with bvFTD."

Dementia is a Family Disease


Meet the Morrison's - "We're a team"


Without regrets, Askia paused his career to care for his mom


FTD can't touch love

Make a Difference

Let's work together... For Their Thoughts ♥

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