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CFTC Relief and Resources Grant Recipients

Meet Mark

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Meet Dawn

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Meet Heather

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Meet Irene

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Care for the Caregivers


ABOUT the CFTC Relief and Resources Program



The Care for the Caregivers (CFTC) Relief Program is broken into two primary supports:

(1) A one-time customized relief grant of short term financial relief + personalized resource package for live-in family caregivers.

*Referrals required, if you know a live-in caregiver to a loved one with dementia and in need of support and relief, please contact us here or using the below form for more information.


(2) Resource packet with care and community support options

If you, a friend or family is looking for support but not eligible or in need of a gran, please contact us.


Dementia touches every corner of the Earth without discrimination.

Wives, husbands, sons, daughters, grandchildren etc. become caregivers overnight; without hesitation and full of love. They stay by the side of their loved one as they watch their life partner slowly slip away.

But there is an UNMET NEED. Being a live-in caregiver creates emotional, physical and financial stress. It is our goal to point the way and offer a helping hand to these families during what is likely the most difficult time in their life.

Grant Eligibility & Process

Live-In and unpaid care-partner or caregiver to a family member or close friend with dementia.

Have a financial need directly related to your caregiving role.

Open to share your experience as a caregiver to your LOWD to help others.

Please enter your name.
Please enter a message.


External support communities, information and checklists

Here at FTTF, we hope to help facilitate connections and help caregivers and families find those experts out there in order to

  • Prepare for caregiving
  • Help get through the day to day
  • Connect with other caregivers/ families going through the same
  • Introduce you to some experts dedicated and committed to supporting the dementia community.

Below is not meant to be an all-inclusive list or take the place of medical advice. Caregiving can be overwhelming and it meant provide a few resources to get you started.

Facebook groups

(copy and paste the below key words or similar into Facebook search bar):

  • Dementia: The Journey Ahead
  • Caregiver's Journal to Alzheimer's
  • Dementia Caregivers Support Group
  • Younger onset Dementia

And of course, join the FTTF Family and our Facebook page at For Their Thoughts Foundation

Disease Specific and Caregiver Resources:

Note: Links/URLs are great when they work, a huge annoyance when they don’t.  They may update faster than we can catch them.  To help keep up, in addition to the link, we’ve included the description of the location of the information to assist with good old fashioned web searching.

General information on dementia  

Home Caregiving Resources

  • Caregiving Support: Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA): (Tip: go to their "navigator" to find information for your geographical area)
  • Elder Care Resource Center:
  • CHECKLISTS: "Anticipate, rather than react" Sometimes a checklist to get organized, affairs in order, prep to see a lawyer, doctor, etc. is helpful.  We recommend to make a portfolio to reach back to. AGIS provides several downloadable checklist. 


Vascular Dementia

Frontotemporal Dementia

Parkinson's Disease Dementia

**These are all merely suggestions - pick and choose what resources are best for you!


For the family caregivers: The Unsung Heroes


Dementia : A Practical Guide for in-Home Caregivers: the Journey Ahead by Ann Zultner and Susan Kiser Scarff

WHERE to find it: You can find this book on Amazon and Thrift Books

WHY we like it: This book is real. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will help you feel less overwhelmed. 

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