When can dementia impact our lives?

When does it start to matter?

When do we act?

Let’s be the master of our own destiny and act now, because it matters now.

The more we talk about dementia, the more we ASK about dementia, the more time we let it sink in that dementia can affect any of us… the more likely we are to keep dementia in conversation.

We can’t stop talking about dementia.

We can’t let it keep slipping into the background.

What about our loved ones going through it now – when do we act FOR THEM?

When do we act to prevent it for ourselves?

Physical activity, brain teasers, learning a new language: embracing action NOW can reduce our risk of becoming a statistic: of becoming one of the half million in the America diagnosed with early onset dementia (40-65 yrs old).

Fast Fact:

Did you know… the prevalence of dementia in countries where more than one language is spoken is 50% lower than in those regions where the population uses only one language to communicate?

And for our loved ones – almost 6 million across the US are already diagnosed, act to be THEIR voice. As For Their Thoughts Foundation (FTTF) continues to host events such as the “Move For Their Thoughts” challenge, we want to say “THANK YOU!” for jumping in and stepping up!  For those reading this that have not joined in, we invite you to check out our next event.

Already MoveFTT participation spans across 12 states — these incredible participants commit at least a mile a day for the thoughts of their loved ones, for their own thoughts, and for those who are affected by dementia daily.

We’re looking forward to starting the next challenge…


Are YOU ready to JUMP IN??


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