Meet Joe.

He was our Dad, our friend.

He enjoyed exercising, playing the guitar (well, trying to), playing with the dogs, spending time with his grandson and our family. 

Dad had a very dry sense of humor. You had to pay attention to “get the joke.” 

A memory we want to share is his love for learning and teaching.  Whether it was as a math teacher, a principal, a business owner, a father or a grandfather.

Dementia is hard on everyone and it changes a person.  It’s so important to remember who our loved ones are.  A fond memory we have of dad is during the “gas crunch” of the 1970’s.  Our dad bought a motorcycle, as they’re more fuel efficient.

Our mom was not happy.


One day when our mom was working, dad came home with torn clothing. I asked what happened. He said he laid the bike down and we had to fix it, get him cleaned up and throw his clothes out so mom wouldn’t see them. This is only funny because the only thing hurt was his pride. He sold the bike soon after. That’s dad.  And that’s real moments.

If we could pass on words of wisdom to others going through this ordeal with their loved one, it would be:

  • Take it one day at a time and periodically take some time for yourself

In one phrase:  Be prepared

  • Have a will, long term care insurance, make your final arrangements. Our Dad had none of that. We were fortunate that we were able to provide for his care but for those who can’t, these items will make their days less stressful.

We love you, Dad.

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