Place in your mind all of the survivors of Dementia that you know and I guarantee your list will be surprisingly low…

and by low, it’s ZERO.

There is no cure for dementia so those diagnosed at this time are faced with this very fact. What makes this worse is that most dementia patients cannot self advocate.

Most forms of dementia lead to the inability to speak, swallow, read, or write, in addition to deterioration of memory.

With a 0% survival rate, dementia diagnosis is on course to triple in the next ten years. Cancer, HIV, heart disease are all on the decline because we came together, we continue to fight, we built communities around those effected… Adding dementia AWARENESS to this, adding dementia RESEARCH to this list, adding dementia FUNDING to this list, all so imperative in finding a cure.

We are here to help the ones who can’t help themselves.

Who can’t ASK for help themselves.

We are here to give Dementia a voice.

#fortheirthoughts…we #definedementia

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