The WHERE of Dementia:  

Do you ever wonder where our loved ones with dementia are: physically and mentally?
Not surprisingly, since dementia is the 3rd leading cause of death (and rising) only surpassed by heart disease and cancer, we all seem to know someone impacted with Alzheimer’s, FTD, Parkinson’s, Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body, etc. But how often do we pause and think where they are and where they end up?  Stripped from our loved ones is often their ability to speak, write or stay in the present.  Their reality is shifted.  They are left alone.  And regardless of the type of dementia, they all end up in the same place because dementia is a 100% terminal disease.
But while they are here, they do not have to be alone.  We must shift to meet them in their reality.  Hold their hand.  Play music with them.  Be their voice for change for the next generation.
Where is your loved one with dementia and what can you do to support them in them as they battle this disease?
Thank you for continuing to move with us for our loved ones,
The FTTF Team
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