Move For Their Thoughts


Challenge yourself to move at least 1 mile per day for 35 days 

STARTS: September 18th

Challenge yourself to move everyday for 35 days.

PLEDGE and EARN your Money Back

  • Make a Daily Pledge $1, $2 or more
  • Earn your daily pledge back for every day you move at least a mile.*

Participation Perks

  • Honor a loved one with dementia or caregiver
  • Create a daily habit of activity
  • Be a part of a mission to bring compassion for dementia to the forefront

Our priority is bringing compassion, education and creating ONE VOICE for dementia advocacy. Which is why you EARN your pledge back by participating everyday in the challenge.


Our goal is to move around the world as a community while bringing awareness to dementia and the importance of brain health. Proceeds will go toward increasing awareness and providing relief for family caregivers taking care of their loved ones with dementia through our Care For the Caregivers Relief Program.

CFTC Relief Program provides a one-time grant to bring financial relief + education on additional care resources specific to the caregiver's needs. This program provide direct relief and connection to live-in caregivers/ families caring for their loved ones with dementia 24/7.

No individual or family affected by a brain degenerative disease (dementia) should feel alone or lost in this life altering journey. Instead, they should feel connected, understood and empowered to take on what is to come.


  • STEP 2:  Download Strava App (free version) account on your mobile device
  • STEP 3: Join the "MoveFTT" Club within Strava

*4-10 Participants per team. When you register, you can create a team, join a team or register as an individual. So pick a team name and your leader and we'll do the rest! Strava instructions included in registration

None of us want dementia.

But what do we do to prevent it? Did you know activity can reduce your risk up to 50%?

JOIN US for a 5 week to challenge to create a habit of moving everyday. All proceeds go toward our Care for the Caregivers Relief Programs - bringing relief, respite and resources to families caring for a loved one with dementia 24/7

The challenge includes weekly rankings, accountability on Strava MoveFTT Club, and brain tips around engaging your 5 senses to keep your brain sharp and happy.




Your Daily Pledge to Move
In past MoveFTT challenges, this was limited to $1/day. This year, you can pick to pledge $1, $2 or $5 for each day you move a mile. Remember - get a perfect score and you get it all back!!

Matching Opportunity
Become a miles matching sponsor - This is a great way to get your brand out there, motivate participants to move everyday knowing you are donating $1 for everyday they move!   Click Match Miles to sign up today.

Create and Sponsor your own team
Want to motivate your staff to join by sponsoring them? Sponsor and register a team all at once. Contact us at and we'll get you set up.


Below are tips and links to help you before and during the challenge.

Tip #1: You will use the Strava App to record your activities. Click here for Step by Step Instructions:  MoveFTT Strava Set Up and Use Instructions

  • How to sign up for Strava
  • How to join MoveFTT Club
  • How to record your activity

Tip #2: If you mess up recording or Strava messes up - contact us at with name, what you did and date.  OR manually record into Strava.  Instruction here: MoveFTT_How to Manually Enter Your Mile.

TIP #3: If you could help us out with tracking and save your Strava activities with  "MFTT" in the title we would greatly appreciate it!

Tip #4: Click here to see MoveFTT_FAQ

More questions? Contact us:

Previous MoveFTT

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“I like the concept behind the challenge, the team aspect was also a surprise and motivating.”

“I liked that other activities could be counted this time and not just running.”

“I loved that we got weekly information about dementia, that this kept me accountable for working out more…”

2020 and 2021: FOUR (4) events, participation across 15 different states and 4 countries took the challenge and moved for their thoughts and their loved ones.

Counting 1 mile per day, we collectively moved from San Diego to the tip of Africa! That's over 5300 miles!  Help us move around the world!!!

See the impact, results and teams from MoveFTT 2021

Over 5300 miles moved, 81 participants from 14 states and 3 countries.. 2 families helped... see the impact, results and teams from previous MoveFTT

Let's move together for our loved ones and ourselves.

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